Are you a psychopath? Scientists say that they can tell simply by seeing what you tweet! 

Why? Because the words and phrases we use on a regular basis reveal our negative and positive personality traits, and repeating certain words indicates psychopathic tendencies. 

So which words do psychopaths use? They frequent use words like “die,” “kill,” and “hate.” As well as angry responses to other people that include curse words, and unnecessary filler words like “um,” “I mean,” and “blah-blah-blah.” And knowing that could help police and hiring managers to identify potential criminal behavior. 

Researchers used psychological formulas to analyze the tweets of 3,000 people, and determine if they had psychopathic tendencies. Then compared those results to questionnaires designed to determine the same thing, which had questions like, “Do you like to pick on losers?” And “Do you believe in quick and nasty paybacks?” The result: Both tests indicated that the same 1 percent of the people studied were psychopaths.

Of course, everybody uses those words sometimes. And even if you use all of them on a regular basis, it doesn’t make you a criminal. But it could certainly make you look like one.