Check your smartphone – there could be spy software on it, recording every text and phone call you make and receive!

Experts say there’s been a spike in people buying devices to spy on one another – and most of the time, it’s their SPOUSES they’re spying on. In fact, one marriage counselor in Atlanta says almost every infidelity case he sees started with a spying spouse.

Consider these stats from the last year alone:
Sales of hidden cameras have soared 40 percent.
GPS tracking devices have jumped 80 percent.
And personal tracking devices, which can be slipped into briefcases or in handbags to monitor a person’s movements, have DOUBLED each of the past 3 years.

Experts say that once someone has the idea in their head that their spouse is cheating, they become obsessed with knowing the truth. But these days, you don’t need to hire a P.I. - high tech spy gadgets make it easy and cheap!

Also, a lot of people going through a divorce think that electronic evidence will help them get more alimony or a better settlement. 

But that amateur detective work may backfire. Courts are split as to whether spying on a spouse violates privacy laws. Some courts consider it a form of stalking - and you can face jail time. We read about one man who suspected his wife was cheating, so he put a GPS tracker on her car, cameras in the house and installed spy software on her cellphone. He was charged with stalking and served 30 days in jail.

Another man installed spy software on the family computer after filing for divorce – which tracked every keystroke and webpage visited. He’s now facing criminal charges.

And as a result of the spying boom – there’s now been an increase in counter-surveillance options to see if a spouse is spying on YOU. Sweeping a home for bugs costs roughly $5,000. A cellphone scan runs about $500.