This is for all the wives who smile about their husbands’ well-intentioned – but often half-finished - home repairs.

It turns out, guys get a boost of self-esteem from working with their hands. Whether they’re installing a brick patio, refinishing the kitchen cabinets, or oiling a squeaky hinge.

Researchers at California State University interviewed men about their do-it-yourself projects. And they found that guys who spend all day in an office are the most likely to use labor-intensive home-improvement projects to blow off steam. And even men who earn their paychecks with physical jobs, like construction, do plenty of home repair projects. Though they’re more likely to consider them chores, instead of hobbies. 

And almost every man in the survey proudly labeled himself the "family handyman." Most men also viewed home improvement projects as a way of expressing how much they care for their families. 

So, the next time your husband’s wading through a plumbing repair or cursing while cleaning up spilled paint, be patient. To your husband, love means never having to say, “Let’s call a contractor……”