We have fewer close friendships these days. Sure, you may have 300 “friends” on Facebook, but I’m talking about good friends you can count on. The University of Chicago surveyed people and the average person feels they only have two people they can depend on, and more than one in four people say they have no close friends at all! So here’s how to be a better friend:

  • Stop giving advice. That comes from psychologist Dr. Frank Lachmann. He says, no one likes a know it all, and most of the time, friends don’t want to be fixed, they want a sounding board. So simply listen – only offer an opinion if you’re asked.

  • Another way to form deeper friendships? Bring different circles together – like your work friends and your childhood friends. They’ll see a different side of you, and it’ll breathe new life into your relationships.

  • Also be genuinely happy for your friend’s success. Often people are jealous when good things happen to their friends. Swallow your ego – friends need you not just to be supportive in bad times, but also to celebrate in the happy times.