North America could soon be TV-free. Statistics show that millions of people are canceling their cable and satellite TV subscriptions, and avoiding traditional TVs altogether. Instead, they’re watching movies and TV shows on their iPads and smartphones. This new breed of viewer has been nicknamed the “Zero TV-er”, and the number of TV-free residences has jumped 150 percent in the last few years.

Here’s another surprising statistic. While the number of new households grew by nearly one million last year, only 5 percent of them subscribed to cable or satellite TV services.

So, why are so many people giving up TV? Experts say it’s because they’re sick of paying $100 or more each month for their cable and satellite bills. Instead, they’d rather pay $10 a month for a service like Netflix – which lets you stream hundreds of different movies and TV shows.

Also, Zero TV-ers don’t want to be tied to one or two rooms in their house where there’s a TV. They want to watch TV and movies on their iPad or smartphone, and be entertained anywhere at anytime. And while some people haven’t cut the TV cord completely, it’s moving in that direction. Fewer households have multiple rooms with TVs. And when the younger generation moves out on their own – they’re not signing up for cable TV or a landline phone. Instead, all they need is a WiFi connection.