Which old-school exercise program is making a big comeback? Jazzercise! The 1980s classes and VHS videos that combined leg warmers, simple dance moves, and pop songs.

The Jazzercise aerobics craze died out before the turn of the century – and was replaced Step Aerobics, Spin classes, and Tae Bo. But now, Jazzercise is making a comeback – with a vengeance. Why? Because dancing of any kind is in, mostly thanks to popular reality shows like, “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance.” In fact, one of the pros from “Dancing With The Stars” is the new star of a Jazzercise workout DVD. Also, Jazzercise has plenty of name recognition because just about everybody’s heard of it, even if they’ve never tried it.

A lot of fans love the Jazzercise motto, “dance like nobody’s watching” - because nobody is. Classes are usually held in studios without mirrors. Because studies show that when there are mirrors, the people in class tend to compare themselves to the instructor or other class members, and focus on how they look, instead of focusing on how they’re feeling.

The founder of Jazzercise and her daughter are busy rebranding the program for a modern audience. Using hit songs from artists like Pitbull and Psy, the workouts burn 500 calories an hour, and now incorporate moves from pilates, Zumba and yoga. Currently, there are more than 32,000 classes around the world being taught by official Jazzercise teachers. It’s number 27 on the list of 500 Best Franchises – and there’s even a free app! If you want to try a class near you, check out jazzercise.com.