Is the price of a movie ticket still worth it?

A new Los Angeles Times survey seems to suggest “no.” One big reason is that the average price of a movie ticket in North America has climbed to over $8. And, adults going to see a new movie in IMAX 3-D are more likely to pay up to $19 per ticket - not including popcorn!

For years, theater owners have justified higher prices the same way. They say compared to a night out at a concert, or a sports game, going to the movies is a bargain. 

But, as ticket prices are going up, the cost of flat-screen HDTVs fell almost 20 percent last year. And nowadays, you can get a month’s worth of unlimited movie streaming through Netflix for about the same price as a movie ticket! So, lots of people are finding they can get the big-screen movie experience at home – without all the rude people talking too loudly sitting behind them.

In fact, those are the two main reasons people don’t go to the movies: high-ticket prices and rude people! 

And consider this: 

For the same price of watching 100 movies in the theater, with a small popcorn and drink thrown in, you can now watch unlimited movies on a 46-inch 3-D HDTV at home! And for a few dollars more, you can have all the microwaveable popcorn you can stand.

So I’ll ask again: Are movie tickets still worth it?