Do you know someone going through a divorce right now? Even if they’re battling it out in court, experts say there’s a good chance that they don’t really want to break up. 

That’s one surprising finding from a new study on couples on the brink of divorce. 

University of Minnesota researchers surveyed over 2,000 couples who had recently filed for divorce. They completed questionnaires. Like “Do you want to reconcile?” And “What’s the number one reason you’re splitting up?” 

The result? 1 in 4 people believed they could save their marriage, and secretly wanted to reconcile.

So, why do a lot of couples who are still in love file for divorce anyway? The number one reason given? Because they feel like they’re “growing apart.” Followed by they “don’t talk like they used to.” And “they don’t like how their spouse handles money.” 

Whether you’re considering a divorce now, or have never been married, experts say the key take away is: The best way to avoid a divorce is to practice communication and problem-solving skills, because the top 3 reasons for divorce don’t have to be deal-breakers. If you want to boost your relationship skills, experts suggest meeting with a couples counselor, ASAP.