Ladies, if you’ve ever had to bite your tongue while someone told a joke about “lousy female drivers,” you get to have the last laugh. Here’s a breakdown of the auto insurance industry’s statistics on the skills of men and women behind the wheel: 

First: Men are 3 times more likely than women to be charged with reckless or drunk driving. 

Men are twice as likely to speed and run red lights. 

And those statistics alone show why most of the wrecks that cause death or serious injury involve             male drivers. 

So, why are women better drivers? Because they tend to be more cautious and attentive. But the real edge comes from simple physics: Women generally don’t drive as fast as men. So, when they’re in an accident, they tend to be traveling at a lower rate of speed, so they’re less likely to be injured or hurt other people.

And despite the fact that men are supposed to be better at spatial relations, women are better at parking their cars. 

According to recent research, women are better at finding spaces, because they’re more patient, more likely to wait to see if a pedestrian is heading for a parked car, and more likely to notice a driver who’s getting ready to pull out. Women are also more accurate at lining up before they try to park, are better at backing into tight spaces, and are twice as likely to leave their car in the center of the parking space, so that other drivers have plenty of room.