Guys: If you want to be the most popular man in the room – and maybe get paid for it – then head to your local retirement home.

Today, men are in demand at a growing number of retirement communities and nursing homes. Some homes are bringing in male volunteers from college fraternities. Others are actually hiring men to come and keep their seniors entertained.

Why men? Because right now, women outnumber men almost 3-to-1 in nursing homes – simply because women live longer! So senior facilities are looking for men like Hewitt Bruce, for example. He’s a retired psychologist and part-time dance instructor who was recently hired by Edgewater Pointe Estates in Florida. Now he hits the ballroom weekly to crack jokes, make small talk and dance with the senior women.

Experts say that’s a good thing because physical activity and social interactions are two proven ways to improve health.

That’s why some nursing homes are finding it’s actually profitable to pay men to help keep their female clients happy, healthy, and alive.