Researchers recently identified a deadly, new heart attack trigger – it’s losing your job! Duke University researchers analyzed the health and work histories of 13,000 adults for almost 2 decades. The result? Being out of work significantly raises your risk of a heart attack. And your risk goes up with each job loss, and the longer you stay unemployed. In fact, one job loss boosts your odds of a heart attack by a whopping 35%. Fast forward to four job losses, and you’re 63% closer to a heart attack.

So, why does getting a pink slip hurt your heart health? Lead researcher Dr. Matthew Dupre says that we usually go into non-stop panic mode the moment we lose our job. Obsessively wondering, “How am I going to pay the rent? Afford groceries? Take care of my kids?” And all of that financial stress and anxiety sends your heart into overdrive. It also boosts other heart attack risk factors – like diabetes, high blood pressure and makes you more likely to smoke.

So, if you lose your job – experts suggest being on the lookout for heart attack warnings signs. Gentlemen – the number one symptom for you is intense chest pain. And ladies, your heart attack warnings sings are nausea, exhaustion, and shortness of breath. And if you experience any, call an ambulance.