It’s time to settle the Great Male-Female Brain Debate, once and for all: Are men smarter because their brains are bigger? No! 

A new study by UCLA confirms that women's brains are 8 percent smaller than men's — but there’s absolutely no difference in intelligence. That’s because the neurons in the area of brain that deal with memory, intelligence and emotions – in the hippocampus - are more active in women. The female brain also has more connections, uses fewer brain cells per task, and uses a lot less energy to send messages. Add that all up, and the female brain is simply more efficient than the male brain and crams an equal amount of smarts into a smaller space.

Of course, men and women still think differently. For example, women are better at certain math skills and keeping track of changes. They’re also better at inductive reasoning, which is coming up with a theory based on the evidence in front of them. While men are better at solving spatial problems, like parallel parking without hitting the curb. 

Bottom line: It’s not the size that matters – it’s how efficiently the brain works.