Now that more people are working remotely… it’s changing where they want to live. Because if you no longer need to live near work - why live in the city at all? Data from shows people are thinking about moving, and there’s increased interest in properties outside of cities.

Their data compared this June to June of 2019, and found that homes in rural and suburban areas saw the biggest jump in average views. Homes in suburban areas had a 30% jump. And homes in the country saw a 34% increase in views.

Of course, property views are not property sales. But these numbers show there’s an interest in getting out of densely packed areas and into communities that are more spread out… places where social distancing is more of a built-in part of everyday life. One real estate agent tells the Wall Street Journal that homebuyers are thinking, “If this is the one life I have, is this where I want to be?” And that’s what’s prompting the move away from cities.