Wish you could give the person you’re crushing on a personality test, to see what they’re really like? Forget the test. Just check out their Facebook page! Here’s what you their personal page can tell you:

  • Their profile picture speaks volumes. For example, a guy posing with his guitar or bowling team is probably passionate about his hobby. And if he’s pictured with his pet, it shows he’s caring. But if his dog is in every picture, it could mean the dog will always come first.

  • Over-sharing. If someone posts nonstop, they may have too much time on their hands, or an inflated sense of self-importance. People who over-share also tend to have no sense of privacy, which means, they’ll probably share every intimate detail of your relationship. But if they rarely post anything, they may be scared of being judged. Or have a hard time opening up to others.

  • Beware if at least half of their updates are for games like Farmville or Mafia Wars. Because they may have trouble ditching the fantasy world for face-to-face social situations.

  • Their confidence level. If they belong to dozens of groups, and “like” tons of people, products, events, and cartoon characters – psychiatrists say they may be desperately seeking approval. And will jump on any bandwagon, just to fit in.

  • Beware if your date actively asks others to become a “fan.” That is, unless they’re a politician, in the public eye, or a professional athlete. If they’re just a regular Joe, stumping for fans means they’re either self-absorbed, or so insecure that they need reminders that their friends really like them.