Want to make a doctor or dentist’s appointment that you’re more likely to keep? Then book it for a Friday. Why? Experts say that a combination of Monday morning blues - and weekend guilt - means there are more no-shows for medical appointments on Mondays than on any other day of the week. With the fewest no-shows on Fridays.

What’s going on here?

The theory is that people find it harder to drag themselves to an appointment after spending the weekend eating and partying because they’re worried their bad weekend behavior might throw their tests out of whack. And since Mondays tend to bum people out already, they feel less able to cope with unpleasant questions, or being poked and jabbed, and they worry they won’t be able to handle bad news, or even deal with a rude receptionist.

But as the week progresses, people feel more upbeat and better able to cope.  And since Friday is the last day of the workweek for most of us, that’s the day we’re more likely to feel upbeat and resilient.  So, we’re less likely to ditch a doctor’s appointment. But that could be good news if you need to see a doctor and can’t get an appointment. 

With all the Monday no-shows, if you call the doctor or dentist’s office, you have a good chance of landing a last minute cancellation.