Listen up parents – experts say there are a few things you need to know about your kids:

  • Having a favorite child hurts all of your children. Dr. Ellen Libby is the author of “The Favorite Child.” She says 1-out-of-3 parents have a favorite child. And that’s bad news for all of your kids. Because while the favorite may be given more attention and get special treatment, they can crack under the pressure of constantly being perfect to maintain that number one position. Meanwhile, your other children will pick up on the preferential treatment – no matter how subtle it is – and that can destroy their self-esteem. So, make sure you give each of your kids special attention.

  • They could be developing a full-blown screen addiction – and you could be enabling it. A Northwestern University study found that nearly 40% of families spend 11 hours a day using media like smartphones and TVs. And a lot of parents allow it because it gives them some peace and quiet. But too much screen time can cause everything from a short attention span to poor social skills. So, how much screen time should kids get? The American Pediatrics Association recommends a maximum of 2 hours a day for kids 2 and up. And ZERO hours for children under 2.

  • Your kids are unlikely to give you grandkids. Statistics show that today’s children are much less likely to have their own children than previous generations. In fact, 1-in-5 women never have children these days - which is twice what it was 40 years ago. Most child-free adults today say they just want time for themselves. Or they just can’t afford kids. And experts predict that trend will only continue.