Guys, do you really want to get to know the new woman in your life? Here are some questions to help you “dig deep” into what makes her tick. These come from psychologist Dr. Dan McAdams:

  • Question #1: “What gets you out of bed in the morning?” Dr. McAdams says this question will help give you insight into a woman’s goals, values and passions.

  • Question #2: “If you won the lottery, would you quit your job?” Dr. McAdams says how she answers this will tell you a lot about how happy she is because people who always complain about their jobs, tend to be unhappy about their life overall. But if she says “yes, I would quit,” and then explains the career she’d like to have instead or how she’d like to volunteer her time, it shows that she has passion and ambition and knows what would truly make her happy beyond a fat bank account.

  • The next question: “What challenges have you had to overcome in life?” Dr. McAdams says this one’s about figuring out how resilient she is. Because if she’s always blaming others for holding her back, it means she’s too narcissistic, and if she’s always the victim, it’s a sign of poor self-esteem. Our expert says you want to be with someone who takes on challenges as they come, can acknowledge their own mistakes and make the best of things.

  • One more question to ask the woman in your life: “Any ex-boyfriends you’d like me to knock off?” Our expert says what you’re really asking here is, “Do you hold grudges?” Any woman who can’t wait to reel off a list of people who’ve done her wrong is unlikely to be the type to forgive-and-forget.