We all know it’s hot out there – but the people who feel the brunt of it are those who have to work in the heat. So who has it the worst? Here are the most dangerous summer jobs according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA.

At number 3: Road crews. Many cities try to conduct roadwork at night in the summer to help workers beat the heat. But road crews do still work during the day – and asphalt and concrete absorb heat – making road work even hotter than say, farm work, because soil doesn’t hold onto heat the same way. And at night, the roads start releasing the heat they’ve absorbed, so it’s still hot.

You might also want to tip your baggage handler at the airport. They have the second hottest summer job. Again, it’s due to the heat coming off the tarmac. That’s why baggage handlers have the second-highest rates of injury related to heat.

But the workers who have it the worst? Roofers. They have the most heat-related injuries. Not only are they working in the sun, but the tar they work with has to be hot or it can’t be applied.

If you work in the heat and you sustain some sort of injury as a result of it, you could be entitled to workers compensation. For example, if you’re a carpenter, and you’re in an attic that’s 110 degrees, and you develop a heat stroke, you could be entitled to compensation.

But it’s better to avoid a heat related injury. So take frequent breaks in the shade and drink cool water every 15 minutes. That’s the recommendation from OSHA.