Want to make sure date number one turns into date number two and even a relationship? Here’s what to do:

  • First strategy, don’t play coy; show your date that you like them. A study from Northwestern University found that when a person knows you’re attracted to them, their attraction to you INCREASES! However, if they feel like you’re not that interested or that you’re playing the field, their feelings of dislike will increase. So when you go meet a date, take a minute to remind yourself of the specific reasons you wanted to go out with them in the first place. If they’re an internet date, go back to their profile so you tell them exactly why they stuck out in the crowd. People want to feel unique. And use your date’s name. Experts say when people hear their name they subconsciously connect themselves to the words, so the compliment has a bigger impact.

  • Next create a bond by acting like an insider. When you bring up something you know about them, that other people don’t, like that their sister is coming for a visit, it creates a sense of intimacy. It also shows your date that you were actually listening!

  • Finally strategy, don’t compliment them on their car, couch or outfit, that’s superficial. Compliment them on what those things SAY about them, like that they have excellent taste, an eye for color or enjoy a good bargain.