I've got a few True-False health questions for you. We found this intelligence in First magazine: * True or False: Vitamin E fades scars. That would be False. In a recent study, 90% of the wounds that were treated with vitamin E oil didn't scar less. In fact, 1 in 3 scarred worse. Why? Researchers believe that vitamin E increases the inflammation that leads to scars. * Smoking causes gray hair. That's True! According to a study in the journal Science News, smokers are 4 times more likely than nonsmokers to have gray hair, no matter how old they are. It seems that smoke causes free-radical damage which destroys the little color sacs in each hair follicle. Even worse, the study also linked smoking to hair loss. * Crossing your legs causes varicose veins. That's actually False. Research shows no link between leg-crossing and the number of varicose veins a person has. In fact, sitting may help prevent them. Studies suggest that standing for long stretches weakens blood vessel walls, which causes varicose veins. * Milk causes acne. That would be True! Researchers at Harvard University found that adults who ingested milk products every day were 22 percent more likely to have acne. It's caused by the iodine added to cow feed to boost their immunity. Because iodine has been proven to increase the production of body oil. To recap, studies show that vitamin E does not fade scars, smoking does promote gray hair, crossing your legs does not cause varicose veins, and milk does contribute to acne. And that's the truth.