Want to know the top relationship killer these days? According to an explosive new study, it’s a few extra pounds. Researchers surveyed 70,000 men and asked if they’d leave their partner if she simply gained weight. The result? 50 percent of them said yes! So, why does a bigger waistline send men running?

Psychologists say that a lot of guys tie their self-esteem to their partner’s physical appearance. So they think that when she’s heavy, it tells the world that they’re losers or aren’t successful. And as shocking as it sounds, science backs that up. A recent University of Liverpool study found that a man photographed with a heavy-set woman was rated 22 percent more negatively than a photo of the same man with a thin woman.

Also, experts say that a lot of men assume that if their partner gains weight, she doesn’t care about her appearance.  Which automatically makes them think she’s no longer attracted to them anymore. So, guys want to end things before their ego gets too banged up.

Ladies, this study doesn’t mean you need to go on a crash diet to save your relationship. Instead, experts say it’s simply another sign that you need to have top-notch communication with your partner. That way, you’ll know if your weight is getting to them. And so a few extra pounds don’t snowball into a relationship killer.