Are you a good listener? Your answer could determine whether or not you land a new job in 2013! That’s just one crucial skill that companies want in job candidates these days. Here’s the full list of the top in-demand skills that employers are looking for, according to a brand new CareerBuilder study:

#10: Sales and marketing experience. Because companies want people who can generate income or interest.

Followed by “writing computer programming.” We’re living in a tech age and those skills are very valuable. Which is why companies are also looking for employees with knowledge of circuit boards, processors, electronic equipment and computer hardware including applications and programs. Basically, IT knowledge is something 8 out of 10 companies want.

Mathematics knowledge is on the list of the 10 most in-demand skills.

But the top 3 most in-demand job skills are what are considered soft-skills. They’re personality traits – like being a good listener, and being decisive.

And the #1 skill that employers want in 2013? Critical thinking! Which means using logic and reasoning to figure out where there are strengths and weaknesses – and come up with solutions, or new approaches to problems.

Brent Rasmussen is the President of CareerBuilder. And he says that it’s not enough to simply list these keywords on your resume and mention them in your interview. The key to getting hiring managers to drool over you is to back up these skills with concrete proof of how you’ve used them. For example, instead of just saying you’re a “good problem solver” explain how you actually have solved problems. Like, you helped slash your department’s travel budget by cancelling pricey business trips and instead setting up free weekly Skype conference calls with clients.