When it comes to getting a job today, a tweet is the new résumé. That’s the message from a growing number of hiring managers, who say they’re “fed up” with using traditional tools like job boards, recruiting websites, and résumés. Instead, they’re now turning to Twitter to post job listings, hunt for new candidates, and research applicants.

For example: An executive from N-P-R – the nonprofit public radio company – says two of their key hires last year applied for jobs after seeing postings on Twitter. And a networking firm in Boston recently abandoned résumés, and now exclusively recruits for new positions using Twitter.

What’s so great about Twitter? For most hiring managers, the key is interaction. Because the best candidates aren’t always online looking for jobs – but they are on social media. And with Twitter, it’s easy to search for candidates using hashtags, like hashtag-marketing, and then make quick, direct contact with them in a tweet or private message.

And experts say Twitter helps recruiters get to know candidates, by reading their tweets. That way, they can decide whether or not a certain person would be a good “fit” for the company – whereas a resume doesn’t show any personality.

So, how can you use Twitter to find a job?

  • Follow companies and managers you’d like to work with. And then, gradually interact with them – by re-tweeting articles and posts that relate to your industry, for example.
  • Create a tweet-“résumé” in 140-characters, that describes your skills, what you’re interested in, and how a recruiter could find out more about you. For example, the tweet can include a link to your full résumé.
  • Experts say it’s okay to keep posting personal tweets – since hiring managers want to see your personality. But keep your tweets clean.