Do you want to live life bravely? It’s what Navy SEALs do best, and it’s all down to mental conditioning. But you don’t need military training to live a courageous life. We got the secrets to bravery from Master Chief Will Guild, a 30 year Navy SEAL veteran. These are the values he instills in them.

  • The first value: Put your teammates first, and your teammates can be your family, friends or coworkers. Guild calls this “an exoteric responsibility,” which means, you’re living outside yourself. When you’re acting exoterically, you’re acting ethically because you’re asking yourself: “How do I treat others? How do I fit into the team? What’s my responsibility to them?” Ask yourself those questions, and you’ll be a better, braver person. 

  • The next step to living a brave life: Control your emotions physically. Ask a friend or family member to study your posture when you’re happy or content. Then practice that posture over and over again. Your body can influence your mind, and you can literally control your emotions this way. 

  • The third step to being courageous: Break down big goals. It’s like the old saying, ‘how do you eat an elephant? One mouthful at a time.” Don’t wake up on Monday morning and say “Four days and 16 hours until Friday.” Instead, wake up and say, “One hour until breakfast.” Stay in the present, because living in the moment means that you can’t dread the future. 

  • And the final value that Guild instills in his Navy SEALs: Have faith in yourself. Don’t let life intimidate you. You’re a lot stronger physically and mentally than you think you are.