Want to be a rock star employee? Then don’t focus on what’s best for you. Experts say you’re much better off focusing on what’s best for your company. Here’s how:

  • Always be willing to learn. That means, study every aspect of the business, including finances and management. And if you get the chance to learn a new skill, or take a class if your company’s willing to pay for, do it! It shows you want to keep improving. And if layoffs come, you’re more likely to keep your job if you can jump in where needed, than someone who’s only good at one thing.
  • Treat the company as if you own it. When you make work decisions as if the money’s coming out of your own pocket, you’ll be more cautious. And more likely to make smart decisions when it comes to risks and expenses.
  • Be a team player. That means, do whatever it takes to get things done, even if it’s not your job. And don't worry about who gets credit – your boss knows a lot more than you think.
  • Speak up when others won’t. Some employees are afraid to share bad news, or to ask questions because they don’t want to seem defiant or uninformed. But if you need answers, you have to speak up. And it’s likely that at least one person in the company will be grateful you did.
  • Lead by example. And treat all your coworkers with courtesy, respect, and kindness. After all, you never know when you might need someone’s support – or who might become your boss. And don’t hang out with employees who mistreat, disrespect, or talk down to others. Because studies show that the gossips and complainers are almost always at the top of the pink-slip list.
  • Be appreciative. That means, always say “thank you” whenever a boss or a co-worker does something good for you. Because knowing that you appreciate their efforts will make them more likely to do it again.