For a happier family life, try running your home like a business. That’s the gist of the book The Secrets of Happy Families, by Bruce Feiler. He says companies are constantly developing new ways to help workers communicate better, and be more productive. And many of the techniques we use at work can also be applied at home – to create happier families!

  • Hold weekly family meetings. Feiler says all it takes is 20 minutes to gather the kids, and ask three questions: “What went well in our family this week?” “What didn’t go well?” and “What will we agree to work on next week?” Research shows that by setting weekly goals, kids feel happier, because they know they’re part of a “family team,” where everyone’s accountable. So, there’s less arguing, and more communicating.

  • Create a “mission statement,” where you and your family identify the core values that are most important to you. Experts say that’ll help you spend more time focusing on what’s important, instead of stressing about minor problems.

  • Be more adaptable. That’s where the mission statement comes into play. Psychologists say one of the biggest sources of family stress comes from change – whether it’s Dad starting a new job, or the kids joining a new sports team, or dating for the first time. But a mission statement takes all the stress out of sudden changes because no matter what we do, as long as it fits with our core beliefs, then change feels like progress.