Here and now I have the future of our cellphones. Because according to a new IBM report, within five years, the average smartphone will be capable of simulating all five human senses! For example:

Our phones will know the way we experience TOUCH. So that when we move our fingers across the screen, it will vibrate in a way that simulates touching a real object. Experts say that’ll come in handy for shopping online because we’ll be able to feel the quality of certain items - like a sweater - just by touching a photo of it.

Next, all smartphones will be able to HEAR. Much like Apple’s Siri assistant, they’ll be able to hear and understand voice commands.  But they’ll also be smart enough to detect emotion in our vocal patterns, and predict our mood. Experts say that could someday help parents understand why a baby’s crying, for example just hold up a phone, and it’ll tell you if the cry means “I’m hungry” or “change my diaper”.

Also, our cellphones will understand TASTE. Future apps will track the foods we eat, and get to know our flavor preferences.  Then, they’ll create personalized recipes based on the foods we like – but customized to help us lose weight, save money, or meet certain medical needs like offering a menu of only low-sodium foods.

Finally, within 5 years, cellphones will be capable of SMELL! Experts say tiny “smell sensors” in phones will analyze chemicals in the air around us. Then, if they “sniff” certain bacteria in food, for example, they can warn us about potential food-borne illnesses. Or, they could sniff our own breath, and tell us if we’re coming down with the flu, or a more serious condition – like diabetes or cancer!