Would you go to the movies if it meant you had to sit next to 200 people texting on their smartphone? 

That’s the hot button topic in the cinema world these days. Experts say that “T-W-W,” which stands for “texting while watching,” is at such high levels that theater owners are now officially deciding whether or not to allow people to use their cellphones during movies.

Supporters say that movie theaters need to be phone-friendly, otherwise the thought of being phone-less for a 2-hour movie could turn off a whole tech-obsessed generation.

Also, some theater owners think smartphone-using movie-goers could help them make money. Since customers can Tweet or text their friends about how good the movie is and how much fun they’re having.

That’s why some theaters want to have certain designated showings that allow cell phone use, or a certain section of the theater that allows it.

Also the pro-texting side says, a lot of us have grown accustomed to splitting our attention while watching TV. In fact, 86% of smartphone owners use their device while watching TV, so why should a movie be any different?

But critics point out that texting or checking your Facebook creates an attention-grabbing glow. In fact, they call it “visual noise," and they think it’s just as distracting as speaking loudly.

In fact, some movie theaters are so against visual noise that they’re kicking out customers if they even glance at their phone to see who called. They say the movie theater is a place to get away from it all for a couple of hours, and it should be sacred.

So, what do you think about TWW, for or against? Facebook.com/JohnTesh.