Try these tips to sail through your summer fitter, healthier and more confident, courtesy of Rodale Publishing:

  • Indulge in watermelon. It’s 92 percent water, which means it’s low cal. and it’s loaded with lycopene – a chemical that protects your heart and skin. And a one-inch slice of watermelon contains as much lycopene as 4 medium-sized tomatoes. Middle aged men with low lycopene levels are three times as likely to have a heart attack or stroke. Lycopene also helps your cholesterol from turning into artery clogging plaque. And it boosts your skin’s natural SPF.
  • There’s no where to hide a bulging belly in the summer. So do this: improve your posture. Whether you’re on the beach or in the boardroom, your posture can make or break you. If you sit and stand straight, you’re communicating confidence and strength while appearing 10 pounds slimmer and several inches taller. And long term, good posture can help you avoid arthritis – because constantly hunching over wears down your joint tissue. If you’re a slumper, try this exercise at work. It comes from the book “Posture: Get It Straight”.  Sit down and wrap one end of a string around one of your shirt buttons at heart level, then attach the other end to your belt buckle. The string should be taught when you’re sitting up straight. Keep it that way for 10 minutes twice a day. That’ll train your body to be comfortable in an upright position.
  • Also, know this: Summer is the season for taking risks, facing challenges and over coming your fears. And your brain is ready to do it. Why? Because exposure to summer sunlight triggers your pineal gland to produce more of the fear-fighting neurotransmitter serotonin than at any other time of year. That means you’re naturally more confident.