It’s the end of the road for paper receipts! That’s because a growing number of stores are now offering digital receipts – which can be sent to you via email, or uploaded to a secure Website.

This year, major retailers like Whole Foods, Nordstrom, Sears and The Gap started offering so-called “e-receipts” with every purchase. And experts say it’s only a matter of time before e-receipts become standard.

Jennifer Miles is a retail expert who specializes in checkout technology. She says stores love e-receipts because they help save money on paper……And customers love them because they help save the environment. That’s because an estimated 10 million trees are cut down in North America each year to make paper receipts.

Also, Miles says with e-receipts, stores don’t need to have cash registers anymore. Instead, roaming clerks can scan your purchases on the spot, using a small handheld device. So, you can now step out of a dressing room, tell the clerk what outfit you want, and instantly be on your way without waiting in line at the register.

And what if you’re the type of person who saves every receipt for taxes? Experts say digital receipts are easy to organize on a computer, and print out at home. Or, you could upload them to a website like, which helps you store and search your receipts. That way, you can quickly find out how much money you spent in the past year on medication, for example.