If you suffer from sleep apnea, there's some good news. Researchers say simple continuous positive airway pressure machine. The machine continuously pumps air into a face mask, forcing your airways to stay open while you sleep.
However, a CPAP machine is expensive, costing around $800, and there are side effects to using one. The mask and headgear can be bulky and uncomfortable, especially when you're trying to rest. Plus, a CPAP can cause sinus congestion. That's why researchers are so happy about the success simple throat exercises are having on sleep apnea.The exercises involveswallowing, chewing, contracting the back of the throat.
Other exercises involve repeating exaggerated vowel sounds, putting the tongue against the back of your front teeth and sliding it to the back of your mouth. After three months of doing these exercises 30 minutes a day, patients in the study snored less, slept better and reduced the overall severity of their condition by 40 percent!
As a result of the exercises, the size of their necks shrunk, too. This is was a breakthrough because having an enlarged neck can put you at risk for sleep apnea. Try one of these throat exercises: Open your mouth and curl your tongue backwards. You'll feel your throat open wider.
If you want more information about sleep apnea, go to SleepApnea.org.