Here’s a surprising statistic: nine out of 10 brides-to-be plan their weddings at work. In fact, experts say that about 20 percent of them spend one entire workday each week making arrangements. Carley Roney is editor-in-chief of the wedding planning website She says that a lot of women feel like they have no choice because ceremonies and receptions have become so complicated that engineering a wedding is a full-time job. So, here’s her advice on how to be a good employee and a beautiful bride:

  • First: Be upfront with your boss. In one survey, over 15 percent of supervisors said that brides planning their weddings are risking their jobs. So, it’s a good idea to assure your manager that you’ll do most of your wedding work during breaks. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to ask them to tell you if they feel your performance is slipping. 

  • Next: Use personal or vacation time to do most of your planning. Bridal expert Sharon Naylor says if you take personal days to do your wedding planning, you’ll be more focused on your plans and your job.

  • The 3rd tip for a working bride: Keep it quiet. Consultants at First Coast Weddings and Events in Florida say you should be careful about discussing your plans at the office, especially if you aren’t inviting all of your coworkers. Even if everyone’s on the guest list, too much talk about your big day could make you look flighty and unprofessional.  

  • Here’s something to share with your boss if you do get carried away: A study done by the Singapore Institute of Management shows that married employees are more punctual, disciplined, and loyal to their companies.