Despite the fact that nearly 1-in-4 of us has a tattoo today – including yours truly – most employers are still NOT crazy about them.

In fact, according to a new survey from York College of Pennsylvania, 61-percent of human resource managers said a tattoo would hurt a job applicant’s chances.

That’s potentially bad news for today’s millennials because research shows that the younger you are, the more likely you are to have a tattoo. And get this: About 1-in-5 millennials say they have six tattoos or more.

The problem is that a whopping 85-percent of the managers who actually hire people don’t have any tattoos. Which explains why many companies still include a “no tattoos” policy as part of their dress code which is perfectly legal, by the way. Attorneys say there are no laws that prohibit employers from discriminating against applicants with tattoos.

That’s why most career experts say the rule of thumb regarding tattoos in the workplace is still to “cover up” – with long-sleeve shirts, cardigans, or long pants

Or else, only apply to companies that are trying to tap into a “hipster” vibe. For example: The trendy clothing store H&M actively looks for employees with tattoos because they figure cashiers with tattoos, for example, will be more “in-touch” with their customers who’ll, in turn, be more likely to buy an outfit from someone who shares their inked-up image.