Do you need to worry about arsenic in rice? A study came out last week from Consumer Reports. And they found extremely high levels of arsenic in rice.

But that doesn’t mean you need to stop eating it altogether? 

This is just like the apple juice scare last year, where Dr. Oz got the nation in a panic over arsenic in apple juice. 

But the same thing is true in this case as it was then. Arsenic is a natural mineral that’s found in a lot of foods and drinks. In its organic, natural form it’s pretty much harmless. It’s the man-made version, present in some pesticides, that’s highly toxic. 

The reason rice has more arsenic than other grains is because it’s grown underwater and soaks it up directly from the ground. 

Now, FDA officials say they’ve found no evidence that suggests rice is unsafe to eat. The agency has studied the issue for decades, and they’re in the middle of a new study. 

But here’s the reality, there’s roughly one gram of arsenic in 115-THOUSAND servings of rice.

So just as it’s dangerous to stand in the sun, all day, every day, people shouldn’t eat rice exclusively. But if you eat it a couple times a week, you’ll be absolutely fine.