When it comes to online dating, it’s better to be young at heart than young in years. Because studies show that older singles tend to be happier than younger ones. 

Researchers at Match.com surveyed people about their relationships. The result: Older singles – especially those at least 65-years old - reported the highest levels of happiness, and the lowest levels of stress. That’s due in a large part to how seniors behave online.

  • For example: Seniors write the most honest profiles. And they plainly state what they are and aren’t looking for in a date. 

  • Seniors also: Don’t waste a lot of time playing games. Relationship expert Pepper Schwartz says that older daters who connect online are quicker to arrange a first meeting. And if the other person isn’t a good match, they’re also more likely to say, "Thanks, but no thanks……" and move on. 

  • Another edge seniors have over younger daters: They’re not afraid to share their spiritual side. And that’s smart. A study in The Journal of Family Psychology found that couples who agreed on spiritual matters fought less, talked more, and were better able to handle change than couples who didn’t. 

  • Finally: Seniors are better at compromising. But that doesn’t mean their standards are low. In fact, dating coach Lisa Copeland say it means just the opposite. Seniors understand that not everyone is perfect. So, they know which traits are deal breakers - and which ones are nice to have, but not necessary. That allows them to spend more time enjoying the relationship, and less time worrying about whether it will last.