What’s the secret to a happy love life?

  • Putting your partner’s happiness above your own. It’s called "altruistic love." And in a survey of more than 1,300 people, married people with high levels of it had happier marriages. These people agreed with statements like, "I’d rather suffer myself than see my spouse suffer," and "I’m only truly happy when my spouse is happy, too" But if you haven’t walked down the aisle yet – take heart. Married or not, altruistic love for a significant other, friend, or family member was tied to higher levels of general happiness.

  • And second: Parents – talk to your kids about intimacy. According to a new research – they ARE listening. A Canadian survey of 1,100 teens found that 63% said their parents were their main source of information when it came to physical relationships. So despite what you might think, mom and dad - friends and celebrities aren't your kids’ main role models. That’s why you should talk to them. Not only will it improve their behavior, but it’ll also bring you closer together.