According to Reuters Health, a new form of laser therapy can help people who suffer from chronic bad breath, also known as halitosis.
Halitosis is usually caused by bacteria that accumulates in small cavities in the mouth, nose and sinuses   like between the gums and in leaky crowns. The tongue and tonsils can also harbor bacteria. In fact, most people with bad breath have a chronic case of tonsillitis   or inflamed tonsils.
In a study, researchers used laser treatment on 50 people who suffered from halitosis. They applied the laser to tiny crevices in the tonsils that had accumulated bacteria - getting rid of it--And after just one session, the researchers found that more than half of the patients experienced an improvement in their breath. And most people needed only 2 additional sessions to relieve their bad breath completely--And after 20 months, the halitosis hadn't returned and no one reported any side-effects from the treatment.
There's no news yet on when this treatment will be available to the public, but we'll definitely keep you posted.