Are you sick of being single, ladies? Well, maybe you’re sending the WRONG signals. Experts agree - to be someone’s girlfriend, you have to ACT like it! That means ditching behaviors like buying him gifts after the first date, or offering to take his mother out for tea on the third date. Here are the rules of showing a guy that you’re interested, but not aggressive or desperate. These are courtesy of Elsa Simcik, resident romance expert at MSN.

  • Hold back. Don’t be too cuddly too soon. You may think that giving a guy lots of physical attention will make him want to spend more time with you - but that rarely works out for the best. Dr. Paul Dobransky, a psychiatrist and author of The Three Brains of Mr. Right, says if you want a true and lasting relationship, maturity is required. Maturity means holding off on intimacy until you get to know one another. That shows that you respect yourself. When you respect yourself, he’ll respect you.
  • Don’t be needy. If he thinks you’re high-maintenance, or that there’s a gaping void in your life you want him to fill, he’ll run. So what makes a woman appear needy? Coming on too strong with the affection, or announcing too soon that you’re looking for a long-term relationship.  Also, Dobransky says a woman is needy if she’s not in control of her own emotions, or if she can’t make decisions for herself. This tells a guy you might lean on him very heavily — which can be scary to someone who barely knows you.
  • Demand a date. If a guy DOES call, make sure his intentions are honorable. If he says, “I just wanted to see what you were doing tonight. My friends and I are going out, but maybe I can call you after” – that’s NOT a proper date. So, demand one! He doesn’t have to wine and dine you, but even if it’s just a movie, a guy whose truly interested will make time for you first and hang out with his buddies later. If his idea of a date is meeting up after he does whatever’s important to him – move on, and do what’s important to you.