A survey was conducted, asking 64-thousand women in 180 countries what they really wanted from a significant other. The number one thing? Women want to be treated KINDLY! According to the University of Göttingen in Germany, kindness is the number one quality women overwhelmingly want from a long-term partner.

The survey asked women about their ideal match - from their religious or political preferences, to the importance of height. Nearly 90% of the women ranked kindness highest among desirable qualities, followed closely by supportiveness, intelligence, education and confidence. “Attractiveness” was not in the top 5 qualities. But when asked about the body type women preferred their partner to have, the highest ranking answer was “average” - like a Dad Bod. That was much preferred over “muscular” types. And the two most important physical features a man can have are an attractive smile, then attractive eyes.

A smaller but similar study was conducted, asking MEN what they’re looking for in a significant other. The top 5 answers given were kindness - just like women… followed by supportiveness, intelligence, education and ambition! So it seems men are looking for kind, smart go-getters!