What’s your IQ when it comes to finances, credit cards, and your credit score? Here’s a True/False test that’ll help you find out just how much you know:

  • When you get married, you're responsible for your spouse's debt. That’s False. Consumer credit expert John Ulzheimer says that you aren’t obligated to pay the debts your spouse racked up before you got married. But you are on the hook for everything that comes after you say, “I do” – even if your name isn’t on the account.

  • You should avoid financing and credit card offers that are “interest free” or “no payments for 6 months.” That’s True. According to the financial website myfico.com, that type of deal dings your credit score. Because as far as the credit bureaus are concerned, it’s just like getting a new credit card, and immediately maxing it out.

  • Your top priority should be paying your bills on time. True. Financial experts say that more than one-third of your credit score is related to payment history. So, being late does real damage. Also, credit bureaus assign more weight to missed payments than on‑time ones. And it can take months to make up for even one late payment.

  • Credit cards offer the best deals to people with high credit scores. False. That’s because the customers with the best scores tend to receive offers for rewards cards – like cash back and airline points. And rewards cards tend to have interest rates that are double that of the cheapest, no-frills cards. Having a higher credit score can definitely entitle you to a lower interest rate, but you have to ask for it.