Here’s what you need to know about some common job interview myths, according to career coach David Couper:

  • The interviewer is prepared. Crouper says the reality is that most hiring managers just “wing it” through interviews these days. That’s because they’re under a lot of pressure to hire someone and with so many people to interview, they may barely have time to glance at your résumé!

  • The hiring manager will ask a lot of tough questions. Actually, Couper says the toughest question you may hear is this one: “So, tell me about yourself?” He says it’s tough because most people think that question is an invitation to tell their life story. But what the interviewer’s really asking is: “Can you do the job, fit in, and not cause trouble?” So, talk about what you want to accomplish with the company, and specify how your past success makes you an ideal fit.

  • If an interviewer offers you a drink, they want you to accept. Believe it or not, Couper says unless a bottle of water is sitting right there, you should always say: “No thanks, I’m fine.” Why? Because if the interviewer has to waste even a minute looking for a cup, or fetching a drink, he’s going to feel annoyed. Plus, it takes time away from him getting to know you.

  • The most qualified person always gets the job. Couper says a lot of final hiring decisions come down to personality more than qualifications. That’s why it’s important to always show that you’re skilled and easy to get along with.