Here are the toxic attitudes that can kill your career in a matter of seconds. 

  • The first toxic attitude: “I’ll show them how great I am when I get promoted.” Would a baseball coach put in a pitcher if he was only so-so during practice, even if he promised to throw a perfect game? Bottom line: You need to ace your current job, before you move up to the next one, even if your job is fetching the boss’ coffee. 

  • Another toxic work attitude: saying “I’m a perfectionist”. You may think that’s a good trait, but perfection is pointless if it means you miss a project deadline because you were obsessing over insignificant details.

  • And the final toxic work attitude: “I don’t need people skills.” You may think being chained to your desk shows you’re totally focused on the job, but University of Toronto Psychology Professor Jordan Peterson says people skills are as good a predictor of workplace performance as IQ. And he says schmoozing isn’t just mindless chit-chat, it’s an investment in your career. For example, every time you show up at the company’s weekly social breakfast, you’re depositing “goodwill” points. And you can redeem these points when you’re up for a promotion. Your boss will remember you put in face time, and they’ll be more likely to reward you.