Do you use your personal smartphone or iPad to access work emails? Then listen up: That means you’ve also given your company permission to access every single thing on your device – including your personal pictures, apps, music, text messages, GPS locations, and emails.

How? In order to access company accounts, calendars, or files, you typically have to download “mobile management software” to your phone or tablet. Signing in with a password gets you inside the company firewall - but it also gives the company permission to access, monitor, or copy any information stored in that device.

So, nothing on your device is private. Which means, your boss can see what music and games you’ve downloaded, the pictures you took last weekend, what parties you plan to attend and that you ditched work for a ballgame by looking at your GPS record. It’s like an open diary. And as more people use their personal devices to work after-hours, this is going to be a growing problem. Because just like you can log into your own family account, and track down where your kids are, and who they’ve called or texted – your company can do the same to you.

But most people don’t realize the access their company has. And when they find out, they don’t like it! 82% of workers think it’s an invasion of privacy and 76% said they’d stop using their device for work purposes because of it.

So, if you’re not sure about your company’s policy regarding personal electronics, ask human resources for the information. And if you’re not comfortable giving your boss access to your personal life – do all your work on a company-owned computer.