One California school district is offering students free yoga classes to help them chill out....but some of their parents are burning mad about it!

There have been complaints that the twice-a-week yoga classes are "brainwashing" the kids with Hinduism. An attorney has been hired by the concerned parents - who says the classes are "unconstitutional" and must stop. The District Superintendent says the yoga classes have been stripped of any religious content. The Superintendent says, "Yoga is a worldwide exercise regime utilized by people of many different faiths. Yoga is part of our mainstream culture."

The yoga classes are designed to help students de-stress and focus better. And there's research behind it: Researchers from Harvard Medical School found that yoga improves the psychosocial well-being of high school students.

So what do you think: Is yoga good for students? Should it be banned from schools? Should parents sue to stop it? Or simply pull their kids out of the class if they don't agree with it?