Parents with young kids - if you're stressed out more than ever due to the ongoing pandemic, you’re not alone. A new survey conducted by The Harris Poll finds nearly half of parents with children under 18 are battling severe stress as coronavirus restrictions wear on.

That’s why the American Psychological Association and The Harris Poll have started a new monthly “Stress In America” survey. They recently published the results of their first one - and here’s what they discovered.

Parents of kids under age 18 are the most stressed: Nearly half rate their stress as an 8 out of 10! That’s twice as many parents who say they’re stressed out of their minds compared to adults without children.

One of the biggest sources of stress for parents is home-schooling or online learning. Seven out of 10 parents are having a hard time balancing their child’s online school schedule and their own work schedule.

Dr. Arthur Evans Jr. is the CEO of the American Psychological Association... and he says, we need to prepare for the long-term implications of the collective trauma facing the population. And this means looking out for one another, staying connected, keeping active and seeking help when necessary.