Every parent wants their child to be safe behind the wheel, but did you know that most parents unconsciously encourage their teens to use a cell phone while driving? How? Because they do the exact same thing themselves! 

Researchers from the group Students Against Destructive Decisions asked thousands of teens about their parents’ driving habits. The result: More than 91 percent said Mom and Dad talk on the phone while driving. Over half said their parents texted behind the wheel, and 88 percent said their parents regularly exceed the speed limit. And with those stats, it’s no wonder almost every teen speeds, while talking and texting behind the wheel.

Are you still not convinced that your kids are influenced by your behavior? Listen to this: More than half of parents drive without seatbelts, and a third of teens do the same. And about 18 percent of parents and teens say they’ve driven under the influence of alcohol. 

So, what’s the silver lining here? These stats prove that your teens actually pay attention to you, which means, changing your behavior is one of the quickest ways to change theirs.