We all know fruits and vegetables are good for us but what about the bits you don’t eat? It turns out the peels, stems and rinds can be the best part! So here are three parts of fruits and veggies that are not only edible, but super-nutritious!

Orange peel! The peel of an orange has tons more fiber than the inside. And it’s packed with cancer-fighting compounds called flavanoids that are also proven to lower your cholesterol! So grate it up and sprinkle of vegetables or simmer some in water and sugar to make a candy.

Next, Celery tops. They have five times more magnesium and calcium and they’re a great source vitamin C and anti-oxidants. Throw them in a salad or use them in place of parsley on chicken or fish.

Finally, onion skin, it’s loaded with Quercetin which may reduce blood pressure and prevent plaque in your arteries. You probably don’t want to straight up eat that papery skin, but simmer it in stocks and stews to get the heart healthy effects.