What’s the latest trend in online dating? Websites that let friends act as each other’s “wingman,” and set up a foursome for a double-date. 

The idea is to make online dating more like it is offline these days, which is often a group experience. 

One of the websites is ReadyTandem.com, and here’s how it works: When you set up a profile, you have to add at least one “wing” person, who will tag along on your dates. It even syncs with Facebook, so you can add people from your “Friends” list. They ask normal date-website questions, like your height, weight, job, and favorite travel experience. But your friends are just as important, so they also ask what you like to do together, everything from hitting theme parks, to hitting the driving range. 

Then, when you’re looking for a date, you pick a person, and choose one of their friends to be their wingman, then, you suggest an activity, and a place for the 4 of you to meet. 

It’s intended to make online dating more like dating in the real world, because, if you see someone attractive at a restaurant, you immediately check out their friends, which can tell you a lot about what they’re like.

Experts say that wingman dating is great idea for shy people, who may not be great one-on-one. Also, since there are four of you, instead of just 2, even a bad date can be fun. After all, worst case, you end up hanging out with a close friend. 

Ready Tandem is just starting out in several cities, including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Austin, Texas, with more cities coming on board.