Need space for your small start-up business? You might want to consider your local shopping mall. These days, most malls have a lot of vacancies, up to 10 percent in a lot of places. So, they’re more willing to lease carts, kiosks, and even empty stores to new businesses instead of holding out for bigger, established national chains.

And with all the unemployment, there are a lot of budding entrepreneurs out there, with plenty of people starting new businesses that sell jewelry, calendars, sunglasses and seasonal items, like for Halloween and Christmas.

And some of the new storefronts are downright wacky: Like a new food court restaurant in Pennsylvania that specializes in peanut-butter sandwiches. It’s called PB and U. And offers things like peanut butter, cheddar cheese, bacon, and pickle sandwiches.

Have you got a solid business plan for your new business? The shopping mall awaits!