Are those day-after-Thanksgiving sales really worth the fuss? Here’s what you need to know about Black Friday:

  • Many Black Friday sales now start a day early, ONLINE. In fact, experts say a lot of stores activate their online deals by 6 am on Thanksgiving day! So, if you’re looking for a particular product, start shopping around online before your turkey dinner, and you may be able to pounce on a deal without ever leaving home.

  • 70% of the Black Friday deals you’ll find in stores are also available online. And with many Websites offering free shipping, experts say there’s almost no reason to wake up early on Friday morning, to stand in the cold and fight the crowds!

  • Experts say it’s the best day to buy electronics. If you’re looking for a particular smartphone, tablet, TV, or iPod, prices will generally be their lowest on Black Friday.

  • Avoid buying so-called “soft goods,” like clothing, cosmetics, and shoes. That’s because outfit retailers don’t want to compete with all the tech bargains being offered on Black Friday, so, they’ll delay their own sales until the following Monday, which is known as “Cyber Monday.” For example, one year Eddie Bauer offered prices on Cyber Monday that were 10% lower than the ones offered on Black Friday.

  • You don’t have to wait for Black Friday to jump-start your holiday shopping. That’s because most retailers now offer exclusive discounts through social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, so, go online and “like” or “follow” your favorite stores today, that way, you can get details about secret sales weeks before Black Friday arrives.